Abroad, I started collecting.

In this quest, I was guided by these words:

go out and get lost.

To get lost in order to find myself.

Trust in accidents and coincidences.

I developed my sensitivity and my curiosity for small things and details, whether physical;

a wall, a street, a person, or intangible; a word, an emotion, a glance.


Travelling abroad is travelling into strangeness.

It’s marvelling at common things, experiencing the essential. It’s the place where inner and outer experiences clash to lead you towards the « search for self ».


On my path, I invite the others to be part of the journey. I collect their stories. The « others » are people who share, like me, this taste for the unknown. All together, we form the Love To Get Lost Klub. I pull a book out of all of these experiences which is an invitation to wander.

Le Love To Get Lost Klub


(Editorial, Diploma Project)