Experimental project on questionning genders.


Step 1: Ask four questions(*) to several men and women all around the world about their gender, what do they like or dislike.

Step 2: Analyze.

Step 3: Find an editorial way to give them the opportunity to understand a bit more each other.

Step 4: This book.


This book can be read in three ways.

You can start by the woman side or the man side. Both are joining each other in the center, where you can find the final cover. The latter aims to erase gender stereotypes and to unite everyone again.


The title in french is made out of two words: Homme (man) and Femme (woman). With this title HO/FE:MME I wanted to show our differences (HO/FE) but also or common roots (:MME), because we aren’t just defined by our gender.



Why do you like being a man/woman ?

Why don’t you like bieng a man/woman ?

Why would you like to be a woman/man ?

Why wouldn’t you like to be a woman/man ?


what about gender ?